Free Line & Flat Business Icon Set (50 Icons, PNG & SVG)

If you’re looking for modern UI style icons for your next web, mobile or print project, then you’re in luck, today we have another fantastic freebie for you! Created by our friends Freepik, we have a collection of icons that feature all of the essentials you’ll ever need when creating a business...


IP Geolocation with ipstack (Sponsored)

Knowing where your web visitor is located is an incredible advantage to any website; you can show relative content like maps, pricing, and availability, output your content in their likely langua...

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DDoS Protection by Incapsula (Sponsored)

DDoS protection is an incredibly important protection for sites that require dependability, regardless of the service your site provides.  Whether your online product or service is for managin...

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The Dark Side of Promises

Since the release of es6 many new features have found their way into NodeJS, but non had quite the same impact as promises. Promises have been developed for the browser before es6 was even a thing. There were several implementations that have been used like jQuery's deferred object before the st...

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